My child wants to go to ski school, but I’m not sure whether it’s full-time or half-day. What’s the best option to book?

We offer flexible options – if you are unsure which course is best, you can book a half-day course first and then rebook to a full day later on site for €20.


I want to book a 3 day course, what if my child wants to go longer?

Course extensions are possible at any time directly on site in our bureau/office. For extensions, you only pay the difference to the stated course prices. From the third day onwards the prices reduce.


I have booked four days, but my child no longer wants to go after the second day. Do I get the money back?

As stated in the General Terms and Conditions, we can only refund course costs in case of injury or illness with a medical certificate from a local doctor. For smaller children, we recommend to book one or two days to secure your place at the ski school, and then extend it accordingly on site with no extra cost.


If I extend my child’s stay up to 5 days with lunch on site, will I receive the price of the package deal?

The packages with lunch for 5 or 6 days are special offers that are only valid for direct bookings beforehand. Flexible course extensions are within the normal list price.


We are arriving on Saturday, can we start the ski course on Sunday?

Our courses and offers take place daily. It is therefore possible to start every day from Monday to Sunday. The groups are divided daily according to ability.


My child was in a kids group at the button lift last year. Will he/she be back in this group?

Group divisions and consultations between the ski instructors take place daily. New children come forward when grouping and are divided according to their ability. Children who are already in groups can be upgraded to a faster group if they develop accordingly. We are therefore flexible and have groups according to ability.


My child was with ski instructor xy last year, will she/he be joining this group again this year?

Some of our ski instructors are only here for one season and are therefore no longer available the following year. In addition, groups are divided individually according to ability. Therefore, we cannot promise that the child will come to exactly this group with this ski instructor.


My child went skiing last year and can brake (“Pizza”) on her/his own, but can’t ride on a button lift on her/his own. Is it beginner or slightly advanced?

In order to be able to ride in our slightly advanced “Mausi group” on the practice slope, children must be able to brake (“Pizza”) well on their own and ride a button lift on their own to be able to ride safely in the group. Depending on the crowds and time of year, we decide on site whether the child will come back to the children’s area to practice first or whether they will go straight with the Mausi group.


How do children learn to ride the button lift?

Children who have never been on skis before come to our children’s area at the beginning. There they learn how to use skis, brake (“Pizza”) and ride on the “magic carpet”. If braking works, they do exercises with a ski instructor to prepare for riding on the button lift. The child then takes a “ski instructor taxi” to the button lift, rides there once or twice and is then will continue in a corresponding Mausi group.


My child is almost three years old, can he go to ski school?

For insurance reasons, we are only allowed to accept children from their third birthday onwards in group courses. Children who are younger and want to learn to ski can be taught with a private instructor. This person can look after the child individually, pay attention to physical abilities and respond to their needs. Depending on their ability, the child is taught in the children’s area or on the practice slope at the button lift.


My child has an allergy. Can it take part in a ski course?

Allergies or physical limitations as well as illnesses must be reported to the ski instructor and in the office. In the case of serious illnesses (diabetes, epilepsy, …) we reserve the right to refer you to a private lesson so that we can react accordingly in an emergency.


It’s raining/snowing. does the course taking place?

The courses take place every day, regardless of the weather. Please wear appropriate clothing!


What if there is no snow at the booked course time?

The lift is open until the end of the season, and our courses also take place during this time. Thanks to artificial snow, the slopes are covered with sufficient snow during this entire time.