About Schi- & Snowboardschule Radstadt

In 2007 Bernd Meißnitzer took over the Ski- & Snowboardschool Radstadt, which back then consisted of seven teachers. This small but motivated group grew over the years, so that we can now proudly say that we have 15 teachers the whole season from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovenia and many more. During the holidays we have other 70-90 teachers that support us and take care that you have fun while skiing.


Bernd Meißnitzer grew up in the mountains around Radstadt and is a skiing fan since he was two years old. Ever since he enjoys going off-piste so that he can also share wonderful powderdays with his customers. For almost 30 years already he is a state-certified ski instructor and he could even gain some international experience in countries such as Canada, New Zealand or Australia.



The team

In order to provide different kinds of winter sports at various levels for children and adults or people with disabilities and to coordinate and support the team you need a experienced and technically competent management team:


Ski school owner: Bernd Meißnitzer
Office and IT: Juliane
Administration, sales and marketing: Susanne and Julia
Instructor-organisation: Thomas
Instructor-organisation assistance: Timo



The team at the 50th birthday of the owner Bernd Meißnitzer.