Terms and Conditions

Schi&Snowboard Schule Radstadt located in A-5550 Radstadt


1 General

Unless otherwise agreed, all transactions between Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt and the customer are bound by our terms and conditions. We operate a snow sports school (ski school). We provide instruction in the skills and knowledge of the chosen snowsport (with no guarantee of success) as well as guiding and partaking in at the offered snowsports.


2 Contract for services, pricing queries and prices

Reservations for private lessons may be conducted by telephone or fax and Internet. Reservations are booked only after written confirmation from Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt. The offers and published prices of Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt are subject to change. For acceptance of the reservation and final confirmation of the booking, our written order confirmation is decisive. Arrangements made In meeting or by telephone are also made in final and agree to all terms. Large group courses are agreed by written contract. All prices quoted by us are in Euro unless otherwise stated, inclusive of VAT. No liability is accepted for printing or online errors.


3 Terms of payment

For completed contracts (email, written, meeting, telephone or otherwise) the fee is to be paid at Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt Office, unless otherwise agreed. Late payments: we are entitled to charge default interest at the rate of 5% annually.


4 General terms and conditions

The contractor has truthfully and comprehensively told Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt about the skills and experience in snowsports of the learner. Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt reserves the right to refuse teaching students with equipment judged as sub-standard, inappropriate or dangerous by their instructors. The contractor has alerted Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt about any physical/mental/sensual disabilities, especially in regards to health and any illness.

Before any lessons the contractor must check the ski equipment (especially ski binding) independently. We recommend using an authorized dealer. Grouping is managed by Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt. If the removal of a participant is required, the contractor/learner shall comply with this decision. Otherwise Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt is entitled to terminate the contract with no penalty.

The learner shall follow the instructions issued to them by the Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt, otherwise Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt is entitles to terminate the contract without penalty. Any use of alcohol or drugs by the learner allows Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt to immediately terminate the contract without penalty.


5 Liability provisions

Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt is liable (according to legal provisions) exclusively for damages directly related to the activities of Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt caused deliberately or through gross negligence. We hold corresponding liability insurance.


6 Warranty

Any complaints must be reported immediately to the local office. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the opportunity to be compensated. Claims against the Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt will be addressed and justified in writing within 4 weeks.


7 Withdrawal

In order to withdraw an already booked service a written resignation is require.


Withdrawing/cancellation from a private lesson must be completed at least 3 days before (72 hours) the scheduled ski lesson for no fee to be applied. Any cancellations made after this time will be charged at 100%.


Group courses can be refunded only in the case of an accident/illness with the presentation of the original receipt (see reverse of course ticket). Both accident or illness require a medical certificate from a local doctor. The refund is calculated pro-rata based on remaining course days (day rates are subject to change).

Non-attendance, cancellation or withdrawal for any other reason is non-refundable.


Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt reserves the right to postpone or cancel any lessons due to any safety concerns and arrange suitable compensation if necessary.


8 Place of business

A-5550 Radstadt, Unterbergstraße 13


9 Jurisdiction

For all disputes arising from this contract the exclusive court jurisdiction is based at the location of the Schi&Snowboardschule Radstadt.


10 Choice of Law

Austrian law applies.


11 Validity

If any point in these Terms and Conditions proves to be invalid but does not affect the validity of the remaining points and the entire legal transaction then the invalid point shall be replaced by one that comes closest to the condition of the invalid point.